Robert Bailey Sales Brochures

Original sales information sheets and brochures for limited edition prints by Robert Bailey.

We have following items available that we have not yet uploaded to the website. If any are of interest please email us - if you wish to proceed with an order we will send you a custom invoice for the total - the process is very similar to buying online as usual.

Brochure Types:
A - A4 sheet printed one side.
B - A4 sheet printed both sides.
C - A4 sheet printed both sides - folded to A5.
D - Double A4 printed on all four sides.

Condition: Most are Grade A

Arctic EncounterA0.50
American Heroes Avenging StrikeB0.25
Bluenoser BounceC0.50
Coastal ConflictD0.95
Dark DefendersA0.50
Dawn IntrusionD0.95
Defiance At DieppeD0.95
Delayed DepartureA0.50
Desert VultureA0.50
Dockyard DeliveryD0.95
Dragon SlayersA0.50
Escort FuryA0.50
Formidable FortressD0.95
Full ThrottleA0.50
Haiphong HavocA0.50
Just Passin ThroughD0.95
Men Of The CenturyC0.50
Moonlight StrikeC0.50
Misty DepartureA0.50
Mustang MenaceC0.50
Night Of The PhantomsD0.95
Northern KnightD0.95
Petsamo ScrambleD0.95
Ruhr Valley RaidersD0.95
Smith's DefianceA0.50
Sting Of The Yellow JacketsD0.95
Tuskegee JunctionD0.95
Tuskegee TitansD0.50
Tuskegee Trigger TimeA0.50
Typhoon TargetD0.95
Typhoon WarningA0.50
Wakeup CallC0.50
War WolfA0.50
Robert Bailey Combat Canvases - 31 prints. A4 12 pages2.75
Aviation Art in Action II - SOLD OUTA4 8 pages1.95

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